Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project - Lituania

The Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project is a project of the BSNHPA e.V. in which people from many countries volunteer, who care about the protection of the Baltic Sea above and under water.

We find and remove lost ghost nets, search for, identify and document wrecks to protect them and keep their stories alive. The organization is funded by donations and public funds.

The Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project works closely with universities, ministries, archaeologists and museums.

Planned Projectweeks

Currently there are no events.

Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project - Rügen

Our club is now also active in German waters. From 05 to 07 June 2021 we successfully recovered ghost nets from the wreck of the "flying Dutchman".

The wreck is located off the island of Rügen and is covered all over with nets. The name "flying Dutchman" is a fantasy name as the wreck is not identified.

In these three days we could free half of the wreck from nets with the support, the local diving center PRORA, the diving group of Greenpeace Germany and the GRD.

As is often the case, the beauty of the wreck, previously hidden by nets, is now slowly becoming apparent. However, before we can start documenting and identifying the wreck, the remaining nets have to be removed. This will be done at the end of October.

Also in 2022 we would like to recover lost nets and other marine debris off Rügen and in other parts of the German Baltic Sea. For this we need help.  We are happy about any support.

Planned activities

Hotel InselGlück (Stubbenkammerstr. 33, 18551 Lohme/OT Hagen)

In cooperation with Wolfgang Frank from Tauchen-Rü, we are organizing a net recovery workshop.  

The meeting point for participants is the Pension Inselglück Lohme-Hagen